Coqlicorne Fish and Chips (Anglais)

fish and chips

Coqlicorne Fish and Chips (Anglais)



3 bottles of Coqlicorne

200g of plain flour

Vegetable oil or Beef dripping (for frying)

2 fillets of Cod

Potatoes for chunky chips


Salt and pepper


Lets Start Cooking

Before starting, crack open a bottle of Coqlicorne. As we all know, cooking with beer is essential.

Fish and chips are one of the most traditional dishes that use beer as an ingredient. With the Coqlicorne Pale Ale, the Citra hops pair amazingly with the tender fillet of Cod and really enhances the flavour of the fish.

Sieve the flour into a large bowl. Pro tip: the more air you get into the flour the lighter and crispier the batter will be. Crack open another bottle of Coqlicorne and reluctantly start pouring it into the flour. Hand-whisk the batter until the consistency runs slowly on the back of a spoon (around about the consistency of double cream). Make sure there are NO lumps, hand whisk until your arm is about to fall off, make sure to keep hydrated with a Coqlicorne. Season with salt and pepper and chill the batter for an hour in the fridge.

Heat a deep pan with oil/beef dripping. Chop the potatoes into chunky chip sizes and begin frying those bad boys up. Set aside the chips once a golden colour (you will refry them to get them crispy after the fish)

Take the batter out of the fridge and dip the fish into the batter. Make sure the fish is fully coated. Carefully lower the fish into the oil/dripping and fry for 5 mins (or until golden). Remove the fish and place on some kitchen towel to drain the excess fat. Refry the chips for another 2 mins and begin plating up the Fish and the Chips. Peas are also optional.

Open another Coqlicorne Pale Ale and Bon Appetite.


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