Todays Rain is Tomorrows Beer (Version Anglais)

Todays Rain is Tomorrows Beer (Version Anglais)


“Todays Rain is Tomorrows Whisky” – Old Scottish proverb, to express optimism for the future.

“Todays Rain is Tomorrows Beer” – New Coqlicorne proverb, to express that good beer is on its way

Beer is composed of 90% water, so there is no surprise to why the rain, that has been descending down on Nogent-le-Bernard, over the past couple of weeks hasn’t dampened our spirits. There is a great feeling of optimism circling around the brewery just now. Mainly due to the fact that our new, brewing equipment has arrived from its long voyage. All we can say is: its shiny, like, super shiny. Shiny in a way that makes you blush every time you see it. Ok, we may be in love with our “Brewhoose” but, it really is beautiful so how can you blame us. As our saying goes,

“A beautiful brewhoose will produce beautiful beers”. (Coqlicorne Brewing Company, 2018)

We like to take a traditional approach to brewing and have opted for a traditional 3 vessel brewhoose. Also, keeping to traditional brewing techniques, we have purchased a “Hop Back”, that will blast our beers hop aroma into orbit.

WARNING beer geek moment about to follow.

Hop Back :- A device that is inserted inline as the beer is transferred and cooled from the Boiling Kettle to the heat exchanger before ending up into the fermentation vessel. The main purpose of a Hop Back is to transfer delicate hop oils and aromas that would otherwise be boiled off into the wort. Thus giving a more pronounced hop aroma, without the bitterness, to your beer.


Anyways, back to our brewhoose (bruuhewse).

Our brewhoose has travelled a little. She began her 5 month voyage starting in:

Lafayette, Indiana (US of A) —> where she was born out of stainless steel sheets. Then it was onto a truck who drove to…

Port of New Jersey (US of A) —> where a forklift truck put her in a shipping container and a crane lifted her onto…

A boat, for 2 weeks (Atlantic Ocean) —> She sailed through rough seas and storms and this delayed her from landing in…

Portsmouth (UK) —> Where she breathed the fresh english seaside air for a mere 2 seconds. Then onto another truck to…

Salisbury (UK) —> She arrived at the warehouse. Quickly and delicately she got tossed into the back of another truck, along with some other friends, and made the journey across the channel to end up in…

Nogent-le-Rotrou (FR) —> For a quick tea break, then …

Final destination: Nogent-le-Bernard (FR). 

Now that she has arrived, it’s spanners in the hands, it’s assembling time, hopefully without the colourful language. Wish us luck.

Santé & Slàinte Mhath !

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