Santé Mhòr to 2017 (Version Anglaise)

Santé Mhòr to 2017 (Version Anglaise)

Checklist For 2017

  • Quit our jobs
  • Move to France
  • Start a brewery
  • Begin the Adventure

As you can see from the above checklist, like many people in this world, 2017 for us was an exciting, hectic and mad year. From quitting our jobs back in May, packing all our life possessions in a yellow van and watching them disappear into the sunset down the A1, to then end up in rural France in June with our bags patiently waiting for us, we can honestly say that there hasn’t been a more crazy journey to do in your mid 20’s than this. To make it, even more, crazier, back in August we decided to start a brewery and bring quality craft beer to the citizens of France.

Starting a brewery in France is not easy. You face mountains of paperwork, getting thrown at you from all angles. You have to jump over every obstacle imaginable, from governmental administrations to sourcing suppliers. hence why it was December before we became official.

insta 3

Then there is the wine,

France is predominately a wine country— always has been (probably always will be)— but, the French are seeing a second revolution in their history. Another revolution that is wanting to challenge the establishment. We are not talking about the established royals or political elite but, an establishment well known in the brewing industry as “the big boys”. Without naming names, we can kinda guess who “the big boys” are. “the big boys” produce: bland, fizzy, yellow alcoholic water, that has no taste or quality. It simply is a cheap beverage for the masses that taints the image of what beer actually is.

insta 1

The French are now seeing past the mass marketing strategies of “the big boys” and are seeking out quality beers either made locally or independently from overseas. This awakening has sparked a nice steady craft beer revolution in France and makes France one of the hot spots in the next couple of years for craft brewers around the world. Thus, it is exciting times ahead for us here at Coqlicorne HQ.

The adventure is just beginning and we would love to share it with you. We plan on opening early 2018 so look out your favourite beer glass, get excited, release your inner craft beer hipster self (growing a beard is optional) and keep a look out for our launch date.

From all of us here at Coqlicorne Brewing Co. lets make 2018 a fantastic year,

Santé et Slàinte Mhath

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